What are Some Tools to Follow Cryptocurrencies?

Tools for Following Cryptos

The crypto space is rapidly growing. With over one thousand distinct cryptocurrencies in the wild, it is crucial that you have the right tools to track valuation and progression of the crypto you own and are looking to invest it. Here are some of the most popular tools to track cryptocurrencies:

Free Online Sites and Apps:

News: In the last few months the cryptocurrency market has gained a lot of traction in the public eye. Because of this, you see traditional news agencies paying a lot of attention to the crypto market. Traditional agencies typically focus on the more popular coins and larger market trends. There are many news agencies which focus solely on cryptocurrencies. These crypto-focused news sites are great for finding out information on altcoins or specific signals.

Exchanges: Exchanges handle almost all of crypto trading traffic so their tools to track crypto prices and movements are accurate and in real time. Many exchanges make it easy to track a specific basket of cryptocurrencies.

Social: Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram are excellent tools for tracking cryptocurrency trends, news, valuations, and more. There are many Telegram channels which routinely give out excellent signals. Communities on Reddit are enormous. However, take social media with a grain of salt - people can be wrong!

Github: The underlying technologies behind cryptocurrencies must be developed and maintained by engineers and crypto enthusiasts. Because of this, Github is a great tool for tracking cryptocurrencies. Understanding development trends may lead to getting a jump on increases or decreases in a crypto’s value. At Flipside, our Crypto Github Health Index helps makes sense of the developer activity. Get a free trial of Flipside’s Github Health Index to understand the overall health of a multiple projects, track multiple crypto projects, and compare different projects.

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