Flipside Crypto was founded by Dave Balter and Jim Myers & a Guy Named Will. Dave’s a Hustler, Jim’s a Hacker. Will is a Data Scientist, who we keep safe in a cage.

Flipside Crypto is headquartered in Boston, MA USA, supported by a team of talented individuals located around the globe.


Dave Balter, Partner


Dave has been active in the cryptocurrency space for years, and has learned invaluable lessons from not buying during crypto winters and at least one wallet loss.

Previously, Dave was the CEO and co-founder of Smarterer, a machine-learning skills assessment company acquired by Pluralsight in 2014.  Post-acquisition, Dave was the Head of Transactions at Pluralsight, while also serving as a Board Observer.  Before co-founding Smarterer in 2010, Dave founded and was CEO of BzzAgent, a social media marketing company, which was acquired by dunnhumby, a division of Tesco (PLC) in 2011.  From 2011-2014 Dave sat on the Global Executive Team at dunnhumby, where he led all venture investments and M&A activity.  

Dave is Chairman of Mylestone, a company that assigns a personal biographer to your digital photo library, to generate your life story, which he founded in early 2016.

Dave shares his drive for technology with his local Boston community as an investor and advisor to dozens of startups, including acting as Venture Partner Emeritus in seed-stage investment firm Boston Seed Capital.  Personal investments include Promoboxx, Help Scout, Kettle & Fire, Turo, NRG, AdHawk, and Fortified Bike.  Dave sits on the Board of Directors of tech-enabled startups Grapevine, and Kindara, and is Vice Chairman of Boch Center for the Performing Arts, a nonprofit steward of iconic venues, providing arts, entertainment, cultural, and educational experiences to the greater Boston community.

Jim Myers, Partner

Jim has been an active participant in blockchain for several years and at one point even used Bitcoin to purchase real products because it seemed "neat". In retrospect, this wasn't so neat.

Previously, Jim was the head of engineering at Mylestone, a company he cofounded in early 2016. Prior to Mylestone, Jim lead the research and development of patent pending skill recommendation algorithms at Pluralsight. Jim joined Pluralsight in 2014, following the acquisition of Smarterer, a machine learning based skill assessment company. At Smarterer, Jim was an early engineer that built advanced machine learning technology and enterprise software adopted by Fortune 100 companies.

Jim's passion for building extends to the broader startup community via his developer event series, Stack Dive, and as an angel investor to several local startups, including AdHawk and LinkSquares.

In another life, Jim developed advanced models to quantify risk and abnormal returns in the market for Financial Transmission Rights, a type of energy derivative.

Will (the Data Scientist we keep safe in a cage)

We don’t talk much about Will, except to say his brain is a national treasure, and his analytic capacity is a thing of wonderment, and so we keep him safe in a cage.

Will, Dave & Jim have worked together on numerous projects.

Phil Picariello, Head of Operations

Phil has nearly two decades of experience in asset management, most recently at eSecLending where he was responsible for the overall leadership of the portfolio management team, including all investment functions such as strategy formulation, trade execution, reporting, guideline development/adherence, and risk management.

Come Work With Us

Mainly we like people who:

  • Are authentic, trusting, communicative, humorous, thoughtful, and generally amazing.
  • Work well remotely, but appreciate hanging together.
  • Are completely self-motivated and driven to succeed.
  • Have passion about and experience in the cryptocurrency / blockchain space.

We are currently hiring:

  • Data Engineer: Builds data pipelines that allow raw data to be moved, transformed and accessible to both data scientists and applications. Works with data scientists to implement and integrate models for production. Overall this role is a combination of dev-ops, back-end engineering, and data modeling.
  • Backend Engineer: Develops API layer for applications and can structure and maintain application layer databases.
  • Flipside Crypto Pioneer: Pioneers are responsible for educating, informing and engaging individuals about Flipside Crypto Clubs, and cryptocurrencies. Each individual will become trained on Flipside Crypto Club offerings, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, and will host education sessions for potential Club Members (group or 1:1); the Pioneer will be assigned to and remain engaged with those individuals he or she has trained - directly and via the central Slack community - once they become Club Members for further education about cryptocurrencies and Club Offerings.

Contact us via the form to the right if you are interested in working with us.

Club Operations Manager

An excerpt from the description:

  • Gets slightly high just by thinking about process.
  • Believes 5 minutes early is more than 2 minutes late.
  • Makes lists about all of the lists to be made.
  • Is known for measuring twice, then cutting to the 8th decimal place.
  • Has had exposure to, and an understanding of, the cryptocurrency market.
  • Read the rest of the post: Flipside Crypto is Seeking a Really Up-Tight Employee.

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