The Flipside Data Cooperative

A Transparency Initiative

Flipside Crypto has partnered with blockchain organizations to provide a public and shareable view of networks’ on-chain activity in real time.

Anyone can now explore active supply, see stakeholder behaviors, and compare performance against benchmarks.

Explore Active Supply

Gain clear views of circulating supply in the last 30 days. Filter large and small transactions.

Explore Algorand's Network
Examine Stakeholder Behaviors

Trace the network activity of exchanges, operators and top holders separately. Compare activity in terms of volume, transactions and unique addresses.

Explore AION Asset Flows
Compare Performance Against 40+ Chains

Use benchmarks to compare each project’s overall performance, in terms of volume, transactions and unique addresses.

Compare Zilliqa Against Benchmarks

Flipside’s proprietary Chainwalking process is the core of what makes business intelligence for blockchains possible. By ingesting on-chain data into a universal data model, Flipside is able to apply statistical and behavioral modelling that has been trained on dozens of chains. Once complete, Chainwalking forms a foundation to power our business intelligence products and help networks make critical business decisions.

Are you a crypto project?

Flipside decodes blockchain behaviors to help you understand users and drive growth.

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