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Key Performance Indicators for Blockchain Projects
Track the right on-chain metrics to decode stakeholder behaviors and drive network growth.
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@flipsidecrypto ships the best dashboards in the space, and through the community console launch they’re bringing much needed transparency and analytics to @terra_money.
Do Kwon | CEO of Terra
How are key stakeholders impacting token price?
Successful blockchain projects are built by teams who understand their stakeholders. Go beyond price and market capitalization to assess performance and learn which specific activities are driving growth on your network.
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What are my key growth drivers?
Match your on-chain activity with new releases and events. See which dApps are driving the most traffic.
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How are my most active users interacting with my chain?
Compare the daily on-chain activity of whales, smaller wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, validators and other network participants unique to your chain.
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Are my on-chain economics sustainable and fair?
Examine token movements to assess organic activity on your chain. Determine if operators are being compensated fairly on your chain.
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