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Business Intelligence for Blockchains
Gain the clarity you need to grow your network
Track specific cohorts to understand user behaviors.
Gain clarity on the role each stakeholder plays in your ecosystem and the impact such behaviors have on available supply and price. Improve decision making by tracking the effect of external factors and internal business decisions on each cohort.
Explore individuals’ transaction history.
Understand how individual large holders, market makers and early backers are impacting your network. Gain access to their staked and available balance, past inflows and outflows, and associated addresses.
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Customize alerts to take action.
React in real-time to significant events impacting your ecosystem by receiving alerts on Telegram, Slack or via email. Improve community outreach and support through monitoring of key actions that may need troubleshooting.
One morning I received three alerts within ten minutes that the same account had attempted to stake to a pool. Knowing this account I emailed the fund, and within a few minutes we were on the phone finding a solution.
Sam Pajot-Phipps
Head of Strategy, The Open Application Network
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