Our Data

Behavioral modeling applied to blockchain networks

Our process

Flipside transforms blockchain data for better analytics. Chainwalkers normalizes on-chain events into a single standard model, and together with partners, Flipside maps off-chain efforts to on-chain results.

Our behavioral models reveal asset flows from users, miners, validators, and other stakeholders to exchanges and wallets. We also segment and aggregate user groups to show concentrations of activity, how active a user base is over time, and rates of user retention.

Go beyond simple block explorers and querying services to understand what matters most and improve your network value.

Our models allow us to begin any analysis with 3 baseline behaviors that we apply to all active addresses. We then augment and/or modify based on specific use-cases and features of a particular project:


Addresses transacting with exchanges with no other usage.


Addresses who are strictly accumulating the cryptocurrency with no further distribution.


Addresses who are using a project for its intended purpose.

Once we have applied our behavioral modeling to the addresses and transactions on a particular blockchain or token contract, we use these components to highlight good and bad examples of user behavior that may have a positive impact on price; and to isolate previously hidden drags on a token or coin’s ecosystem.