The Fate of Crypto Hedge Funds

At the end of a crypto event last week, two Millennial-era entrepreneurs approached me and started chatting about their new venture. It was multi-faceted: a blockchain-enabled services business that would have a major impact on the world — but would first be funded by the raise of a crypto hedge fund. That hedge fund would invest in […]

Welcoming Eric Stone, Data Astronaut

Smarterer — the machine-learning skill assessment company — had two amazing data scientists. Both were off-the-charts talented, but each delivered their value differently. The first was incredibly cerebral. He could get buried in lab-like experiments, toiling away carefully, cautiously. He was capable of explaining a single complex theory for hours on end, using words that people pretended they understood […]
Dave Balter

Flipside CEO on Bloomberg Baystate Business

On this episode of Baystate Business, Bloomberg Boston Bureau Chief Tom Moroney and Radio News Anchors Peter Barnes, Pat Carroll and Anne Mostue interview Dave Batler, CEO of Flipside Crypto. Some of the topics covered: Not buying during crypto winters Wallet loss and explaining the difference between a real wallet and a digital wallet How […]
Dave Balter

The Gift of Cryptocurrency Volatility

Earlier this week, I chatted with a professional “Active Trader” who had spent his career taking advantage of short-term price movements on highly liquid markets like stocks, currencies, options, and derivatives. I suppose “Active” may be a slight misnomer here. This particular individual was currently on a very extended, very unwanted garden leave. A year […]

A Half Glass of Crypto: Gifto (GTO)’s metrics don’t stack up.

Buying emerging altcoins without understanding what’s behind them might leave you high and dry. 2018 has seen a number of emerging or little-known cryptocurrencies value suddenly explode. Below are a few examples. Between 1/1/2018 and 1/16/2018 the following altcoins saw some eye-catching price movements: 0x (ZRX): 0x’s current peak was on January 13th, 2018 – […]
Dave Balter

1.23% Female Speakers: Shame on you, Miami Cryptocurrency Conference

And, here we go again. Another cryptocurrency conference with an all-male speaker line up. Wait, wait. It’s not ALL male. Phew <wipes brow, shakes sweat off hand> There’s 1 female speaker out of the 82 listed on the front of the site. Right, 1.23% female. Wait, wait, that’s not true, there’s also a past speaker […]
Luke Tubinis

A Half Glass of Crypto: Cardano(ADA) and Numerai(NMR)

Predicting cryptocurrency valuations is possible using data. Pay attention. You could’ve seen this coming. Cardano(ADA) and Numerai(NMR) price lifts – beginning on 11/27/17 and 11/29/17 respectively – may have appeared unpredictable. However, changes in sentiment were actually indicative of these price gains. The question: could you have seen it coming? Flipsides Crypto’s Github Index – […]
Dave Balter

How to Invest in Crypto, Without the Carry

The House that Bogle Built isn’t simply a book about the creation of Vanguard Mutual Funds; it’s about the balls and nerve of Jack Bogle. The guy essentially reinvented the concept of mutual funds with one incredibly simple trick: he provided shareholders the greatest portion of returns. Before Bogle: astronomical commissions were paid to sales […]
Dave Balter

One Time, At a Cryptocurrency Conference

With every cryptocurrency conference, conflagration or clambake, a new “State of the Industry” is harkened for the crypto world — and Consensus: Invest (held last week in NYC) delivered exactly that. This was no small-time get together. Rooms were packed. People listened. Excitement was in the air. Here’s what went down. The Price of Bitcoin As […]
Dave Balter

All Hail The GitHub Crypto Index

<PA crackles. Taps microphone twice. Is this thing on? Clears throat.> In thanks for your patronage, listeners to today’s show will receive free access to the Crypto Github Index. The index tracks hundreds of cryptos and runs complete with multi-coin compare charts, 7 day trailing indicators, and a personal dashboard. Yes, Dear Listener, a link to […]