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For crypto projects

Data Analytics for crypto projects and platforms. (verification required).

Get analytics for projects
  • FCAS ratings

    Monitor your project’s Fundamental Crypto asset score
  • FCAS sub-ratings

    See how your project’s development and utilization is impacting your FCAS ratings
  • Sector analysis

    Discover how your project compares to similar projects in your sector (premium feature)
  • User retention

    Learn how your users are retaining over time (premium feature)
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For investors

FCAS ratings, market cap, price and comparisons for investors.

Get tracker for investors
  • FCAS for 500+ tokens

    Research the FCAS for all major cryptocurrencies.
  • Sub factors for 500+ tokens

    See how the fundamentals of a project is impacting the FCAS of the token
  • Market cap and price

    Compare the current market cap and price to the FCAS of a token
  • FCAS history

    Research how a token's FCAS has changed over time
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