Find New Cryptocurrencies

What are some strategies for finding new cryptocurrencies?

With so many options out there, it’s easy to get lost when searching for new cryptocurrencies. Even more, if you find a new crypto, how do you know it is reliable and backed by solid and secure technology?

There are many ways to discover new cryptocurrencies: word of mouth, online communities, ICO listings, and other web applications. However, typically you only know price information, volumes, and market cap. Usually there isn’t much more. Before considering buying any new crytpo you should check who created it, who is supporting it, and if the development effort behind it is steady and growing.

The best way to find this all out is to look at the projects on Github. There you can see the activity behind a project. But how do you know what projects are healthy and which are floundering? With Flipside Crypto’s Github Health Index, you can easily determine the wellbeing of the development trends behind new cryptocurrencies. And better yet, you can find new cryptocurrencies based on the health of the project. With all available crypto Github projects in one place to track and compare, Flipside’s Github Health Index makes it incredibly easy to find and discover new cryptocurrencies.

Get a free trial of the Github Health Index today to start finding new crypto projects.

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