Demystifying Macro Crypto Transactions

Flipside Crypto’s Nodes Firehose enable cryptocurrency funds, blockchain organizations and government entities to effectively track, analyze and understand specific blockchain transactions.

Nodes Deployment

 Multiple nodes in regions around the globe.

 Pings occur every few milliseconds to gather millions of transaction datapoints.

 All data is cleaned, consolidated and stored, and made easily accessible.

Online Ethereum Nodes

Real Time and Historical Blockchain Activity

Ethereum Transaction Value to Exchanges from Specific Addresses

Top Volume Transactions by Receiver

Prediction Markets Transaction Volume

Distributed Computing Transaction Volume

Utilization Use Cases:

Evaluating Existing Crypto Assets

Performing NVT / Fundamental Valuation (or like) analysis, with data about when Nodes come online or offline, pinpointing potential gaming scenarios
Understanding Velocity indicators based on number of Nodes coming online in specific regions and at what pace.

Prospecting Emerging Crypto Assets

Evaluating change in on chain Node volumes and how they are changing week over week.
Cross referencing with Github or other social data

Considering the Specific Activity of a Crypto Asset

I’d like to understand what is happening with Bitcoin Cash, so will compare Node activity with other crypto assets.
With regulation coming to a specific geography, understand which crypto assets have the most activity in that region.  

Accessing Algorithmic Trading Inputs

Funds seeking to add more data into trading strategies may add Nodes-only data sets to create more robust outcomes.
Potential to look at specific addresses, and mapping strategies to follow activities.

Offering Nodes Deployment For Larger Institutions

For those with significant firewalls restricting data access, we provide full Nodes data sets.
Easy-to-read format delivery so non-Blockchain experts can digest and analyze.  
Speed of access can be utilized for immediate r&d and visualization requirements.   

Obtain Access to the Nodes Firehose: