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Drinking coffee and doing data stuff…
We’ve assembled a cast of characters to help projects succeed in the twisty turvy world of crypto.
Dave Balter's photo
Dave Balter
Pat Barosy's photo
Pat Barosy
Content Specialist
Matt Bergwall's photo
Matt Bergwall
Software Engineer
Omkar Bhat's photo
Omkar Bhat
Technical Lead
Jeff Caron's photo
Jeff Caron
Head of Finance
Bryan Cinman's photo
Bryan Cinman
Senior Software Engineer
Don Cote's photo
Don Cote
Director of Engineering
Angelo Di Donato's photo
Angelo Di Donato
Data Engineer
Morgan Doyon's photo
Morgan Doyon
EA & Operations Manager
GJ Flannery's photo
GJ Flannery
Product Manager
Anthony Gabriele's photo
Anthony Gabriele
Software Engineer
Madison Gillis's photo
Madison Gillis
Product Designer
Rochelle Guillou's photo
Rochelle Guillou
Marketing Manager
Connor Higgins's photo
Connor Higgins
Data Scientist
Joan Kallogjeri's photo
Joan Kallogjeri
Data Scientist
Howard Kogan's photo
Howard Kogan
Meg Lister's photo
Meg Lister
Senior Product Director
Katherine Matcovich's photo
Katherine Matcovich
Senior Project Manager
Lindsay Meyer's photo
Lindsay Meyer
Product Design Manager
Avi Meyers's photo
Avi Meyers
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Angela Minster's photo
Angela Minster
Data Scientist
Jim Myers's photo
Jim Myers
Kent Phillips's photo
Kent Phillips
Customer Success Manager
Eric Stone's photo
Eric Stone
Head of Data Science
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