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Seeking: The Generally Unskilled but Ridiculously Crypto-Obsessed

Flipside Crypto is seeking someone with little experience, but a whole crap ton of obsession with cryptocurrency.


  • Are pretty awesome. But in a humble way. Like awesome-humble. Either way, most people will think you’re the absolute best.
  • Must communicate in short sentences. Should also (limit parentheticals) while minimizing big eviscerating words.
  • Have to be driven to learn. Without directions. Like, no google maps or anything like that.
  • Are digitally adept. What? No, not like yo-yos and patty-cake. Gawd. Seriously, like at turning on a computer.
  • May be hilarious. I just said that without smiling. Like, you could tell how funny that was just by looking at my face. I can move one eyebrow at a time.
  • Aren’t afraid of numbers. Personally 8s scare me.
  • Often ponder the wonders of marketing, especially when you find yourself buying a Squatty Potty or a Slap Chop.
  • Possibly are cheating on your significant other due to your relationship with cryptocurrencies.

We don’t really care if you went to college — we care if you have the maturity and drive to deliver responsibly, soak up new knowledge and generally kick ass.

Find us at hello@flipsidecrypto.com if you want to talk.