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How BAT Became the Most Used Coin in DeFi – for Two Weeks

Legend: The active supply of the Basic Attention Token (BAT), from June 20th to July 6th, 2020. Active supply is the total supply that has changed hands on-chain within the last 30 days.  The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an ERC-20 token used to incentivize digital ad consumption on the Brave browser.  Last week, it […]

flipsidecrypto Jul 10, 2020
Why Binance Swapped 300M Tether from TRON to Ethereum

On June 29th, Binance swapped 300M Tether on TRON for USDT on Ethereum. Here’s why.

flipsidecrypto Jul 2, 2020
Chainlink ‘Marines’ are Growing in Numbers and Here’s Why

The distribution of LINK tokens across the Chainlink network reveals an increase in “top holders” – or the accounts that hold a meaningful percentage of the active supply.

flipsidecrypto Jul 2, 2020
Is TRON a Scam?

We labeled TRON’s on-chain activity to determine if the project was doing something fishy with its native token, TRX.

flipsidecrypto Jun 19, 2020
How much can you earn playing crypto collectible games?

Here’s how much players made (net) playing CryptoKitties, Gods Unchained and My Crypto Heroes.

flipsidecrypto Jun 12, 2020
These Top Crypto Games Made Millions their First Year

We used business intelligence analysis to understand how these decentralized apps (dapps) make money, and how they pay it out to their customers. Labeling each collectible’s full transaction history revealed some pretty astounding sums:

flipsidecrypto Jun 4, 2020
What are Ontology users doing with their tokens?

Ontology recently joined our data cooperative, to bring more transparency to their ecosystem. The blockchain has a dual-token design that uses ONT for staking and ONG as gas. Take a look at the flow of each token below to understand stakeholders’ on-chain behaviors.

flipsidecrypto Jun 3, 2020
What are Stablecoins Actually Used For? Part II: Tether

By monitoring asset flows we can gain better insight into how Tether is being created, destroyed, and used.

flipsidecrypto May 28, 2020
What are Stablecoins Actually Used for? Part I: DAI & USDC

“The DeFi world is almost as technologically advanced as the dollar, and when it is, there will be no one who will want to accept politically manipulable currencies like dollars anymore.” ~Tim Draper, billionaire bitcoin bull.

We’d like to challenge Draper’s assumption

flipsidecrypto May 22, 2020
XRP Money Flows

By publishing XRP’s bubble chart in our data co-op, our goal is to bring more transparency to the network’s on-chain activity. Here are four key observations we made when analyzing XRP transactions.

flipsidecrypto May 15, 2020
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