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Charles Hoskinson on “The Most Significant Launch of Cardano’s History”

In this interview, Charles tells us about his experience building Cardano from the ground up, his vision for the launch of ‘Shelley’, his project’s focus on Africa, and the idea behind releasing a Kanye Coin.

flipsidecrypto Aug 5, 2020
ICON: One Network, Many Chains

An interview with ICON’s founder on how the project is enabling cross-blockchain transfers, and what this means for the industry.

flipsidecrypto Jun 24, 2020
How Nervos is combining Bitcoin and Ethereum to improve DeFi.

Today we talk to Jan Xie, Chief Architect of Nervos, to understand the logic behind their innovative architecture and the potential it holds for growing DeFi.

flipsidecrypto Jun 15, 2020
What does the future of global money transfers look like?

Committed to enabling frictionless finance, Algorand talks about its efforts to revolutionize the way we transfer money: quickly and cheaply without a third party, in much the same way we transfer data on the internet.

flipsidecrypto May 18, 2020
How SwissBorg is changing the way we trade crypto.

We talked to SwissBorg’s Co-Founder, Cyrus Fazel, about the future of crypto trading, traditional finance, and the main challenges for revolutionizing both.

flipsidecrypto Apr 29, 2020
How VeChain’s blockchain technology is tackling COVID-19 shortages.

Flipside & Real Items discuss the utility of blockchain technology for fighting the pandemic.

flipsidecrypto Apr 15, 2020
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