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1.23% Female Speakers: Shame on you, Miami Cryptocurrency Conference

And, here we go again. Another cryptocurrency conference with an all-male speaker line up.

Wait, wait. It’s not ALL male.

Phew <wipes brow, shakes sweat off hand>

There’s 1 female speaker out of the 82 listed on the front of the site.

Right, 1.23% female.

Wait, wait, that’s not true, there’s also a past speaker section. 33 speakers and — lo and behold — another female speaker.

So that’s 2 women out of 115.

1.73% for those keeping track.

Possible reasons for the male to female ratio?

A: There just aren’t that many women in cryptocurrency. Or there are less than men, and they aren’t “speaker” caliber.

Truth: Complete and utter bullshit.

I spent last weekend attending a gathering of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts on Powder Mountain in Utah. Among the few hundred people were many many (many) amazing women.

Know what? Most of them would crush it on the center stage.

Here’s a few: Jo Jo Hubbard from Electron UK or Jess Houlgrave from Codex Protocol or Marissa Kim from ARK Advisors — or the amazing (and amazingly funny) Shira Frank from Maiden.

When I pointed out the misalignment to another male in the crypto space, he responded:

Yeah good question. The ongoing gender gap in tech I suppose. I’m not planning on going either.

I’m sure none of this will endear me to the North American Bitcoin Conference organizers. Guessing I shouldn’t wait by my digital mailbox for an invitation to attend.

But you know what, I’d trade that any day to ensure the crypto industry doesn’t fall into the gender gap trap.

C’mon Miami, it’s not too late: do the work, find the women, shake up your roster, and make this a crypto conference we can all be proud of.