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Bitcoin Whales Just Split Up $5.5B Into Smaller Wallets

Since the price of BTC started to increase, whales have sent a total of 423,914 BTC to other addresses on the blockchain. That’s equal to 5.5 billion dollars divided up in “smaller wallets” which hold under 1,000 BTC.

flipsidecrypto Oct 27, 2020
Elrond Joins the Flipside Data Cooperative

Elrond is the latest in a series of blockchain projects to join the Flipside Data Cooperative – a transparency initiative for partner networks to showcase their on-chain activity publicly.

flipsidecrypto Oct 16, 2020
On-Chain Transactions Suggest Pickle Farmers Got Spooked

On September 30th the Pickle team announced that something had gone wrong and they couldn’t retrieve people’s funds. What we see happen on chain is a clear reduction in activity starting on that date.

flipsidecrypto Oct 16, 2020
Is it time to take DeFi Seriously?

Bitcoin is the blockchain everyone knows. But Ethereum is the one everyone is using, mainly because of the growth in DeFi. Even Bitcoin Maximalists might change their minds after seeing these numbers.

flipsidecrypto Oct 13, 2020
$818MM Exit BitMEX Following US Charges

U.S. regulatory authorities last Thursday brought a series of civil and criminal charges against BitMEX. Since then 75,985 bitcoin were withdrawn from the Seychelles-based crypto exchange.

flipsidecrypto Oct 6, 2020
Did SushiSwap Really “Steal” Liquidity from UniSwap?

SushiSwap, which went live on August 28th, has been called a “vampire protocol” by some due to its intention of sucking Uniswap’s liquidity and migrating it to its own ecosystem. In truth, Uniswap only benefited from SushiSwap’s enormous liquidity and riveting drama. Here’s a breakdown of what happened.

flipsidecrypto Oct 1, 2020
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