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Top 25 Blockchain Projects: August FCAS

The overall industry average has gone up significantly this month. Ethereum 2.0 went live on TestNet; Zcash further decentralized governance; Brave brought private web browsing to iOS; and Horizen lets anyone customize their own blockchain.

flipsidecrypto Aug 7, 2020
Qtum Joins the Flipside Data Cooperative as they Prepare for Offline Staking

Qtum is the latest in a series of blockchain projects to join the Flipside Data Cooperative – a transparency initiative for partner networks to showcase their on-chain activity publicly. The data will provide the insights needed to foster community participation in the upcoming launch of offline staking on Mainnet.  “Flipside’s data cooperative gives unparalleled insights […]

flipsidecrypto Aug 6, 2020
Charles Hoskinson on “The Most Significant Launch of Cardano’s History”

In this interview, Charles tells us about his experience building Cardano from the ground up, his vision for the launch of ‘Shelley’, his project’s focus on Africa, and the idea behind releasing a Kanye Coin.

flipsidecrypto Aug 5, 2020
Metronome Rides the DeFi Wave

MET FCAS has skyrocketed in the past two weeks due to users trading the token on DeFi protocol Uniswap. Price has increased 46.27% in the same time period.

flipsidecrypto Aug 4, 2020
The launch of YFI: What a Fair Token Distribution Looks Like

The latest incentive farm is YFI – the governance token for Yearn.Finance.

flipsidecrypto Aug 3, 2020
Blockchain Betting Platform Augur Launches V2 Today

This new upgrade is a major game changer for Augur. REP FCAS are on the rise as users swap their tokens to join the new core protocol on Ethereum.

flipsidecrypto Jul 28, 2020
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